Custom Starter Content / Vault Packages?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been searching the forums/Unreal Answers and could figure out if this is a feature or not, so apologize in advance if this has been discussed already.

My studio are developing several different types of project for clients, among other things we develop VR, AR, Real-time applications in addition to ark-viz and videos, and we’re mostly using Unreal Engine for all of it.

We’ve started to gather up a large amount of different Blueprint systems and templates we’ve created and it got me thinking: Why not just create a bunch of “Starter Content” packs we can just add the the new projects that we want with a button?

So what I’m wondering about is if it’s possible to create our own Custom Starter Content, or Custom Vault packs to be used in-house in our production? I’ve looked a bit at the vault packs and it seems to have a Manifest file that is generated when you submit your own packs to the Marketplace, is it possible to create your own Manifest file?

(Currently we would just migrate the systems we need to an empty Content folder and copy that over, but we want to create our own UE4 packs that can be added to a project via the launcher/editor instead)

Thanks in advance for any replies!
Kind regards