Custom Standalone Executable?

I want to make customized standalone executable program (ie., Custom Unreal Player).
The full source is very complex, so how should I start?
Some advices, plaeas!

I’ve been digging through the source all weekend trying to get a Windows Phone 8.1 build working (which I’m still stuck on) but I can try to help if you provide more details, what exactly are you trying to achieve and why cant the default executable work for you?

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Hi larryweya
Did you get the Windows Phone 8.1 build to work ? Let me know if your did !

Thanks !


Making a standalone application in Slate is a little bit convoluted right now. A good lightweight starting point may be SlateViewer. A mobile standalone app for iOS is UnrealLaunchDaemon. A somewhat more complex desktop app is UnrealFrontend. A standalone application without UI is UnrealLightmass.

We do not officially support Windows Phone 8.1 yet. Some work was done last year to get the Engine up and running on WinRT, but that is currently on hold due to other priorities. In principle, it should be possible to make it work for Windows Phone, but it may require quite a bit of work on your end.

Yes I did get it to build, I managed to build x64 for WinRT but I’m yet to get it to run on a windows 8 desktop. It produces an exe but to run it, it has to be bundled into an appx which I’m yet to look into doing.

Thanks for the info, I’ve found that a lot has been done on WinRT and the unification of the store and phone apps in 8.1 makes it easier but yes there is still some significant work to be done, I’m still debating if I should work on it or just be lazy build off an engine that already works on WinRT. Great job though Epic.

I want to make some Virtual Reality Applications on general Windows OS PC not phone.
To to this, I need to make standalone executable file( such as exe or activeX dll ) within some Windows UI Controls ( menubar, side controlbar, statusbar, toolbar, ribbonbar, etc).
So, is it possible by using the UE source code?

If yes, how can I start it?