Custom Split Screen + Contract Opportunity


Can anyone give me any pointers on how to implement a custom split screen? I want to divide up my viewport into sections served by different cameras, like local-player split-screen, only much more custom – not tied to player controllers.


I am a veteran developer, but quite new to C++ and brand-new to Unreal’s source code. I’ve been prototyping in blueprints for about a year, so I’m quite familiar with that side of the engine.

I’ve found Engine/Private/GameViewportClient.cpp – which seems to be quite involved with the local multiplayer splitscreen stuff.


I’m trying to implement a toroidal world (think a rectangle where the top wraps to bottom and the left wraps to right) with a camera that continuously tracks the player as he moves across the boundaries (no apparent warping). I think I could achieve this effect if I could control areas of the screen attached to different cameras.


I’m willing to pay on a contractual basis for some extended assistance in this area if I can’t muddle through on my own.