Custom Smithy problems

Hello, another problem that I require assistance with!

The problem I’m having is that the Smithy, when crafted and attempted to be ‘used’(BEFORE IT HAS BEEN PLACED)
Doesnt do anything. You dont get the placement Smithy or are able to place it.

I’m pretty sure Ive remapped it in the engrams,and Items in my PrimalGameData.
If I replace the originally Smithy in the Master Item list, nothing seems to happen.

im pretty sure item to consume is missing open up Storagebox_AnbileBench_Child and search for “consume” and point it to ur PrimalItemStructure

hmm Nope, that is set too.

One thing I had omitted in another thread about remapping and with childing was, as at the time I had forgotten about it, to change the names to be uniquely identifiable.

Can’t remember who it was that mentioned it in the thread but they reminded me about reading it a couple times elsewhere a while back about needing to be done.

I generally never child, I just copy or create things from scratch, and my brain tends to start forgetting things that haven’t been committed to memory by repetition.


So this is because i Childed the AnvilStorage? I know that if i dont child, any future changes wont apply.

It has to be of another reason, it doesn’t make sense that childing is the problem.

As I said, try uniquely naming the files.