Custom skin widgets box sample stretches

Tried many different things the buttons and other widgets in the projects still stretch tried different things and there is no way to make it view normal when are in a small window like a button of the size of 100x50px I have set the corners at differen sizes still don’t work correctly seems like the engine have projects with this…

Got trouble to understand your Problem from the Description and Screenshoot you Provided. Can you go into more Detail?

I made a button I use as base widget class for all the buttons in the game, the button have a custom skin as you can see, call it skin or style etc with a custom image, you can see all its abotu the image. Later in game when the buttons have different sizes you can notice in the bottom image how get errors in corners. That middle sides white zone, aswell when its smaller the while line cross the whole buttom side to side, other times happen aswell in vertical or both