Custom Skills / Magic Items

First off let me just say, I am a software developer and I am not new to building game mods. I am however completely new to the Unreal Engine. I’ve played around with the Ark Editor a little bit, creating landscapes and some blueprints to become familiar with it.

Here is what I am trying to do as some first steps to explore the mod capabilities…

  1. Create skills similar to what you would find in an RPG like Blacksmithing, Tinkering, Engineering, etc… This means both a UI that can be accessed via player inventory, and also make sure that these new player properties get saved into the game data. Depending on the skill levels you would have a chance to fail at crafting something, or even craft something of higher quality like ramshackle, etc…
  2. Create custom items that could give boosts to player stats. For instance a rare pair of boots might give players +50% movement speed.
  3. Replace the create survivor screen with a race(Like Elf, Dwarf, etc…) selection screen.

I’m not looking for a detailed guide on all of these things since I doubt that exists yet, but just basically if it’s possible to achieve this and some high level instruction on what editor features I should be using. For instance in another game I modded there would be a server side event for OnEquip and OnUnequip for items. This event could be handled per item class do to things like +50% movement speed, or when unequipping -50%.

Completely possible. You would have to create an entire system for the skills - if you are an experienced developer that shouldn’t be TOO bad.

The HUD stuff is all in “GameShooterHUD”

it contains definitions to:

The inventory HUD, player profile, pretty much all GUI stuff. That’s probably where I’d start.

Replacing the survivor screen is not a problem either, I have done it. The only problem is the BP it references in the HUD BP, doesn’t work. You HAVE to override the default “SpawnUI” object.

Hope this helps! PM me if you have any specific questions.

Thanks, this helps a lot. I’ll be in front of my editor again in a few hours. Might have more questions.

Hi, i’ve got a question link to character creation menu that may have a link to this thread…

Is it possible to create a selection list of classes for a RPG mod in the CCM, that will create an alternative Inventory Interface for each class where we can allow or forbid items to be used?

for ex, a great sword and plate armour only usable by knight and, spells only by mage