Custom skeletons crash the dev kit

Whenever I try to use a custom skeleton for my model, the editor crashes, even if I remove all animations that may reference to an old/wrong skeleton. For that reason I simply decided to go with one of the existing skeletons and rigged my model with that. I’m using the crossbow one and as long as I use the original crossbow skeleton everything works.

However if I make a copy of the skeleton and assign it to my model, the editor crashes as soon as I equip the item, even though the original and the copied skeleton are exactly the same. (Same hierarchy and bone names).
Why does this happen?

You can’t use a new Skeleton with the existing animations, even if they’re identical. You can however Retarget the animations to the new Skeleton (presuming they share bone names), like so:

And you also have to Retarget (or recreate) the FPV Weapon Animation Blueprint for that Weapon, since that is specific to the Skeleton as well. (that is most likely the reason it’s crashing)

Good news somewhat related to this:
The Dev Kit is being updated right now with the source Maya files for most of the game’s core rigs. So you can use those to make new animations, if that’s what you’re looking to do :slight_smile:


As Drake mentioned, re-targeting is the only way to go about this via in the editor.

Alright, thanks for the help! :o