Custom Simple Collision?

Hi, I’m a beginner in Unreal.
I have a floor asset that I’m trying to create a simple collision for the player to walk on, except for those holes in the middle. Is there a way to do it without using a complex collision?
Thank you!

Complex meshes ain’t that heavy and are there to fix this.

But if you insist - use custom mesh. One way is to model it in your 3D app of choice and name it UCX_whatevertheassetiscalled
Here some tut for that:

I think it is bad idea to make holes for the custom mesh, so make boxes around the holes instead. Other way is to model the custom collision inside UE:

But I would just use complex mesh instead really lol.

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Yeah, I think I will just use complex collision. I tried the custom collision with Blender. Creating holes resulted in a non-convex mesh so the collision didn’t work and creating boxes around the holes is not precise, there is space left around the corners with no collision. I reverted back from complex collision because I’m on VR and the scene is already a lot so I tried to save up a little bit, but I guess I have no choice! Thanks for your feedback!


In any case, you can with simple collisions too.
In the Mesh Window activate Simple Collisions, and in the top options, click in “Collision” and add any shape you want, although even a Box Collision should work.

After created a Colission Cube click it and you can move, rotate and scale any way you want, I think you should need something like this, because you want a big collider so the character doesn’t climb on it or go through it. And there you go!

Repeat as many times as necessary

I hope it helps you!

Hey! Thanks for answering!
I tried that, and every single hole requires tons of collision boxes through the entire edge so the player won’t fall through the floor, and I need it to be very precise. Is it better for performance to use dozens of simple collision boxes rather than complex collision? Thanks!

You’re welcome!

Is always better to use Simple collisons.
Now, I recommend a cube if you don’t need a lot of detail, but if you need it, you can make a Capsule too and I think that is better for make what you want.


Could you solve your doubts?
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Thank you!