Custom Simple Collision

I purchased a few assets on the marketplace, and I am worried about the performance of the collision being generated by UE4.

For example, I have been using simple as complex collision for a prototype. This is a bit obnoxious and I want to create my own collision for this mesh. How can I create a new collision for a mesh I purchased on the marketplace?

Hey Tycox, you can export the mesh to a 3D modeling program like Blender, then create the collision shape that you’re okay with and save the collision shape’s name as UCX_[name of your static mesh) and export it to Unreal.

When you import it in Unreal, it’ll detect that your static mesh name for example is SM_BigBadBoat and your collision shape in blender should have been named UCX_BigBadBoat and Unreal will use the UCX file to build your collision for your boat.

See the documentation for more details on how to build Custom Collision (scroll down to the collision section).