Custom shoes on metahuman

Please help!! I made custom shoes for. the metahuman but. when I animate her the shoes start to flicker and disappear from time to time. Same when rendering. The animation was retargeted froman actorcore animation. The version is 5.2 but I opened the same Mh in 5.4 everything works mostly fine but sometimes they still disappear. i can’t switch to 5.4 cause this is my graduation project and 5.4 is not yet stable enough. Pleeeasee hellp!

UPD: this bug is present only in several key animations and is not affected by the engine version metahuman. Maybe it has something to do with blender model of the shoe? Its also not LOD I checked it

You can try creating the physics asset again, or create it properly and add it again. It’s probably a culling issue.
Otherwise, try changing it to parent bound calculation.