Custom shape trigger volumes

Is it possible to add to upcoming UE 4.13 custom shape trigger volume?

Basically any static mesh (or BSP brush converted into static mesh; convex and concave alike) should have an option to become trigger volume.


You can do functionally the same thing with begin overlap events on the mesh of your choice. That should work well for what you want.

I tried it, but it doesn’t quite work. I wonder if I need to make it double sides (on end overlap doesn’t seem to work with meshes).

Shouldn’t need to be double sided. If I can see the node setup I may be able to help.

It is possible to make custom shapes for any volume type. Simply drag a volume into the map and switch to geometry edit mode and create the shape you want.

There is also a pretty undiscoverable way to convert a static mesh to a volume. The workflow needs to be improved here but for now simply drag in a mesh to your level, open the advanced dropdown under the static mesh category in the details panel and choose open the “Create Blocking Volume”. The accuracy of the shape depends on what option you choose next. Heavy convex is the most accurate and rough convex is the least. Note: This is not designed to work with meshes that have huge poly counts. To convert the volume into a trigger select the newly created volume and under the actor category select the dropdown next to “Convert Actor” and change the type to a trigger.


Got it, thanks. The only problem that now with that trigger I have to make BP in the Level BP. So if I have 100 of those triggers, I’d have to have 100 setups in the same Level BP (instead of having individual BP actors in the scene). I am not really sure if that’s a correct approach or not.