Custom shape trace or similar

Hello guys.

Is there something like a trace with a custom shape or similar to it? Im trying to archieve something like in my picture:

left is what it currently looks like, right like i would need it to be. Currently it spawns a ghost block at the impact point, but since sometimes another block is blocking the path, the preview of those meshes are not valid, so i need something like a custom shape trace.

Any ideas?

Line, Box, Sphere, Capsule and that’s it. You can always use multiple linetraces.

If you’re doing a tetris like game, have you checked: [Project Files] Riftris - Tetris Clone - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums, UE4 Blueprints Tetris Puzzle Tutorial: Part 01 - YouTube,

I appreciate your help, but none of those tutorials realy help me in this case :confused: multiple linetraces would also result in a false preview. Also what i forgot to mention is, that this isnt 1:1 Tetris clone, its in a 3d environment with a 8x8 grid, blocks will be spawned randomly in a random x,y,z rotation(90,180,270,360°) and no blocks will be destroyed if theire aligned. I guess i will skip the ghosting part, this would require more skill or time to spend on then i have :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx anyway, maybe i find another solution and then i let you know