Custom Shape Does Not Show Up In Components Editor


I made some CSG shapes.
I converted them to static meshes.
How come when I drag them into the component editor, they don’t show up? Yet the stock square and cone shapes do?

I reset their Light Map Resolution to 4.

Is it a camera problem?

Also, i moved the pivot of some of the shapes? Could that be throwing things off?

This project is due in 4 days. Sorry :frowning:

Hi JueJueBean,

I’m curious to look into this one. I’ve just gone through the process of making a BSP > converting it to a SM > creating a new BP > Adding the SM to the BP. When I did so it centered to the grid based on it’s pivot point.

If you’re not sure if the mesh is at the 0,0,0 world origin pivot you can highlight your mesh in the panel to the right. With it highlighted orange (This will switch to a lighter grey when you click in the viewport but it is still highlighted) tap the “F” key. This will move your camera to focus on the mesh that is selected.

If you find it this way you know this is related to the pivot location.

Let me know if this helps!