Custom shading model by Plugin

It would be very great, if it possible to make custom shading models without engine modifications.

The reason I request it, because all other engines allow to create custom shaders, but Unreal Engine does not, at least without engine modification. For example, in Unity, we can create new shader by pressing a single button and start writing code.
It would be especially helpful for stylized games.

There are couple ways to create custom looking shading right now without editing sources:

  1. Make an Unlit material and make custom calculations there. But we have to use custom lighting and do not have any access to static lighting data (lightmass, light cache e.t.c.).
  2. Just make some shading over existing PBR.
  3. Make a post process material and use final rendering passes to achieve the desirable look.

But we do have many limitations with these options, especially for mobile games.

So my request is to add functionality so we could create custom shading model by plugin, without any engine modifications, as it makes it harder to support and develop a game in a team.

To make it clear, check out this thread:

By the way, another good thing is to expose lighting info to material nodes, so we could make custom looking shading using material editor.

Thank you!


+1 Hope this gets added as soon as possible, right now is painfull to make any non realistic shader or cheap workaround


agree, would be nice to see. Stylized games are just as important as photorealism.


+1. Come on, Epic. You’re so close to greatness…