Custom sensors and custom movement using blueprints.

Hello. I’m coming from an old background in 2D event/logic programming from Multimedia Fusion 2/Scirra Construct. I was working on an engine that used custom sensors to sense wall collisions and hitboxes for attacks. I’m wondering if it would at all be possible to create a sensor system like that in UE4 for a single or multiple characters and implement a custom movement for this sensor system. Would it at all be possible? Most things like which model is being shown on the sensor system, animation states and such would be handled by variables. I’m used to complex state machines and such but I have 0 knowledge when it comes to actual C++ coding. Anyone know if this could be pulled off with blueprints/ are willing to point me in the right direction to getting started? I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s an example of the stuff I used to mess around with in MMF2:

I’d say it’s doable in following ground.
In your video, the movement does not really exceeds the standard character movement’s capability, double jump, change of movement speed, change directions are all doable.
There was a thread before talking about making sonic loop run with 3d, but as gravity direction is fixed for character movement, they can’t do it yet.(I don’t know if this is updated, or when will custom gravity direction will be implemented by Epic).
But if you are trying to do 2D, then it’s just a paper2D orientation, so that pretty much safe on custom movement side.

For trigger, you can have multiple trigger box component in a pawn(player or enemy), you can have different condition for different situation to let it ignore/overlap/block.
But for sensor, I don’t know if it’s a global thing in a 2D engine, but essentially you can use a trace sweep with a big volume shape(say sphere or box) and see if you overlap anything other desired trigger box/objects.
There are also AI sensor components, but at stock UE4 it only does limited things like trigger event when they can “see” you.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t really thinking of going paper2D. I was thinking of limiting the movement to sidescrolling but going full 3D assets. I’m going to give the sweep/trace a try.