Custom revolver not showing up.

I made a custom pistol following Zak’s tutorial. Worked right away.
Tried to make a custom revolver using the same setup, but it’s not showing up.

In the hub, I enabled the revolver mod and went to the gun range. For some reason, the pistols are still showing up.

Are only pistols and shotties available at the start?

I don’t own the full retail version of the game. I’m only using the content supplied in the modkit.

By default your weapons loadout is pistols and shotguns.

To change your load out and equip a revolver pick “weapons” at the hub and click revolver, one will float in front of you, grab it and place on one of the hologram pistols floating to your left and right.

After that (and after activating your mod) you can go to the gun range and try it out.

Thanks again. How did you find out how to do all of this stuff?