CUSTOM QUALITY MUSIC Affordably and in short notice – eluukkanen

Have you been trying to search for music for your own project?
Then you have came to the right place!

While royalty free music is a good solution, the music you find in royalty free music sites might be used by hundreds of people.

To build a unique project to stand on its own, original music is really important to be had. That is why films with big budgets usually have original soundtracks; to build identity and something fans instantly recognize!

Usually Quality Original Music Costs a TON, but no more!

Let me briefly introduce myself, my name is Elias Luukkanen and composer and music enthusiastic. I have composed music for games, tv, radio, animations and other media. I have experience in making music for various games and I can create quality themes and atmospheres for any music genre and for any instrument. I am here to compose original music for you!

I’m here to offer you the most affordable quality music offer out there. I’ll compose music starting from only 5 bucks! Now you can order your own original composition with a price of an expensive cup of coffee!

You won’t find more affordable quality offer anywhere!

From classical orchestral music to Pop Jingles, just for personal use or for professional commercial projects. In only 5 days you will see how I realize your ideas into music! No experience in music creation from your end required! I will use my full expertise to create the quality song only for YOUR project!


Contact me via private message if you have more questions.