custom projectile won't cause damage unless using Radial Damage?

I have a custom projectile blueprint (a bullet) that my character fires from his weapon (third person game)

The only way I can seem to get it to cause damage is if I use radial damage - so when the bullets impact something, I destroy them and apply damage - but when I use Apply Damage nothing seems to be happening

That’s what my projectile bp looks like

How can I get this projectile bp to cause damage thats not “radial”? Is there another workflow I should be using? I’m confused as to why Apply Damage isn’t working

What are you applying damage to?

I want to have it so the projectiles do damage to whatever they hit - I have a “character” blueprint that controls movement, and I have a “projectile” blueprint that stores bullet speed and the damage it does to the things it collides with

I have it set up so that when a bullet collides with something, it destroys itself and applies damage to w/e it hits

does “apply damage” apply damage to anything and everything, does it apply damage only to w/e is inside the blueprint “apply damage” was created in, or does it only apply damage to itself? I can’t seem to get “apply damage” to apply any damage to actors or anything else… or is “damage” something other than what it sounds like



I’m new to unreal - is there a better way to create bullets?

I created a tutorial on projectiles over here! Hope this helps.

Thanks DV8tor - oddly enough seting up your exact same bp with my collision object set to “block all” doesn’t seem to work - does/can “Event Hit” cause damage to things? Can I use “event hit” to kill someone?

I have my projectile working, the problem is I can only get it to cause damage (still not sure what damage is in ue4) when I use “apply radial damage”

can anyone explain this? If there’s any other info you need about my level please let me know

You can set “Overlap Projectile” for your possible targets.

For example, the components settings for a static mesh. Too check “Generate Overlap Events” :

Normal size image :
(About : Don’t understand why uploaded image in the forum are in thumbnail ?)

And in the static mesh bp graph, handle damage with “Event Any Damage”.

And here it is the projectile settings. This is a modified version of the “First Person Template (BP)” :

Thanks Eddy - I can’t find “OnComponentBeginOverlap (CollisionComponent)” In any bp I make - the closest thing I see is “Event Actor Begin Overlap” ← which is what I’ve been using. I started from the third person template

I also don’t have a “projectile” collision preset

Hopefully this will illustrate my issues better

Have you got capsule or sphere selected on the left of your blueprint pane? As in my pic!
Then “OnComponentBeginOverlap” will appear :slight_smile:OnComponentBeginOverlap.jpg

8 /

Go figure! Thanks LexLuthor - that clears up a few issues I’ve been having!

– I also got Apply Damage to work, but only when I plug “other actor” (from OnComponentBeginOverlap (CollisionComponent) into “damaged actor” (from apply damage) - does the node tree read right to left?

Thanks a lot everyone - I feel like there should be a “beginners” section here like there is on :stuck_out_tongue:

– One thing that’s still happening is that my barrel health is 100, apply damage base damage is 10: sometimes it takes 6, 7 or 8 rounds to destroy the barrel - Shouldn’t it always be 10 bullets @ 10 damage to destroy a barrel with 100 health??