Custom projectile collision trouble

I’ve created my own “curvy” projectile, but somehow it doesn’t detect any collision at all, pls help

Here is video that shows how it works:

Here is my blueprint screen:




Does the lead_arrow mesh have collision? Also, try setting the Collision Complexity to “Use Complex Collision as Simple”.

Nothing has changed :frowning: Also ive got another projectile with same collision settings that works fine. Im pretty sure that its something with my blueprint, but idk what…

I might be wrong but you use Event hit but in your blueprint you dont create hit event you only create overlap event. And to ask Havocs question again, does your mesh has a collidor mesh custom or generated?

I dont get what did u say about overlapping clearly, but just in case ive created both Event Hit and Actor Overlap nodes(still nothing changed). About mesh collision, it doesnt metter for me, coz my root object is simple collision sphere, that should collide - the lead arrow is just for visual purposes.

I’ve also had collision behaving a bit wierd with moving objects recently, I’m starting to question whether perhaps Unreal Engine is bugging out on me.

This might not be the answer you’re looking for, but I had a Blueprint behaving very wierd a couple of days ago. I know it was a bug, since I had an Event Tick connected to a Branch node sending out signal through BOTH True and False at the same time, and it worked perfectly if I connected a “Print String” after the branch… My solution was delete the thing and rebuild it the exact same way I had before and then it worked correctly.

Hmm, I don’t see it then. Have you tried to play with a collision preset “Block all” just for testing?

You should attach an event to your hitbox (root sphere) -> add event “onComponentHit”

this will allow you to do anything with the component when it hits something.

I did it, but it doesnt collide on the fly.

Anyway, after enabling Simulate Physics - everything works perfectly