Custom progress bar

I want to modify a progress bar in a way where it can grow dynamically beyond 100% values and also showing a numeric value on the point of percentage

any ideas how to do this? extending the default progress bar class?

You could extend the default class but another way is to do something like the following:

  1. Create a custom widget BP
  2. Make it contain an Horizontal Box with an Overlay filling it inside.
  3. Add as many ProgressBar widgets as you want inside the overlay. They will overlay on each other.
  4. Set the progress bar percentages in their percent binding function OR in the Widget event graph’s Tick event or another custom update event, in a way that will show all 3 of them.

The ordering of the progressbar widgets within your custom widget’s overlay will partly determine which one appears over the others, but also I think you can set the depth/ Z of each one to say which one appears in front.