custom progress bar fill not fiting to the progress bar.

hey everyone, I’m having a problem getting my custom image for my health and mana to fit inside the image. I posted the pictures down below to show my problem.
I appreciate all the help I can get.

Assuming that your background and border of the progress bars on the first image are on separate layers from each other, you can change the Z-order of the progress bars, again assuming they are the colored bars on the second image, so that they are between the foreground (border) and the background. The higher the Z-order, the closer to the top they are drawn in. So if the background sits on Z of 0, the progress bar on Z of 2 and the border on Z of 4, it will appear how you want it to look.

If the background and border are not separate, take them apart in your graphics program and layer them in on top of each other.

Dude you are awesome, as soon as I read this it was obvious. I really appreciate your help.