Custom Primitive Data, Procedural Mesh, and Material's parameter


I made a BP to build a Procedural Mesh and it works quite well, including applying a material to each of its sections. Now I made its material parametrically modifiable, and set a scalar parameter to use Custom Primitive Data of index 0. Then I set a value in BP using Set Custom Primitive Data Float with target as ProceduralMesh and index 0: which made no effect. When I put material on a static cube and set Custom Primitive Data 0 of this cube - I can see the effect: the material seems fine then. But on ProcedurelMesh the material always looks like the parameter had value of 0. I’m out of ideas but I believe if there are CPD in PM they should affect the material using CPD, right? But how? Help, please!

I do it with UE5 EA. Had to add 4-27 tag to get the post accepted by The System.

I gave up the Custom Primitive Data approach and used Dynamic Material Instance for each section of Procedural Mesh. This allows to Set Scalar Parameter Value by its name which actually works but I’m afraid using many material instances may impact performance. It could still be great to use just single material sensitive to Custom Primitive Data.