Custom PrimalGamedata doesn't replace the original in ARK


This is probably a frequently asked and beginners problem. I have uploaded the mod, and added as a mod. When I play ARK the original PrimalGameData is loaded instead of my modded PrimalGamedata. My PrimalGameData and Gamemode are both copies (and modified) of the original files. I have set my PrimalGameData in the PrimalGlobals and in the World settings. In the editor everything works correctly. In the map in the cook windows, I filled in TestMap.

What is the problem? Hope to hear anything soon, because I already uploaded my mod, but no-one can play it.

Thanks in advance.

Link to my mod:

When cooking mods, the name of the Level file needs to be used for the Mod Maps field(you don’t really specify if that’s what you’ve done).

What do you mean you’ve set the PGD in the PrimalGlobals?

The Level file in your mod needs to be force-loading TheIsland, and needs to have your custom PGD and GameModes set to override in their respective fields.


Yes, I have set the level name in the mod map (TheIsland and TestMap, but it made no difference). I cooked the game mod. In the primalglobals you can set the primalgamedata, otherwise it didn’t work for me.

In the TheIsland I set the primalgamedata override to my modded one. I didn’t set the gamemode override, but I will try that.

Thanks for responding.

By force-loading, do you mean I have to set the maps field in the cook/upload window to TheIsland map ( in the original map)?

Sorry, I am still noob, because this is my first mod I have uploaded.

No. The Level file in your mod, the one that references the PrimalGameData to override the game’s version, the field below that says something along the lines of “force load map” or something(it’s 12.24am and I don’t have the editor open), that needs to be set to TheIsland, if it isn’t already.

The Mod Maps field in the cook and upload window needs to be the exact name of the Level file in your mod folder.


Okay, thank you, I did both. My level name in the mod folder is PADLevel, in the override I set the my modded primalgamedata and gamemode. In the force load map TheIsland. When cooking it as a map, the HUD is correctly, but the player is the default one, by other people the game chrashes. It seems it loads the gamemode, but not my primalgamedata. When cooking it as a mod, nothing is changed, even in the Esc menu there is no mod active.

Does someone know how to fix this? It is annoying that it works in the editor, but completely not in the game.

Can someone help me? Why doesn’t it load my primal gamedata? Did I set my primal gamedata not correctly, it is a copy of the default one from the coreblueprint folder.

The HUD is loaded, so something works, so I think the gamemode is correctly loaded. My primalgamedata is named: PrimalGamedata_PAD. This one is not loaded, does anyone knows why? Need screenshots?

I too have this **** issue.

It ****** me off because my mod works in the editor and does not show in final game…
I have did everything you did as well and we are both lost.

What does your Mod Folder look like after you cook and upload it and get it from the workshop?

If it had just 2 folders in it - and not your assets at all. Then something isn’t referenced correctly.
Let’s start with screen shots of your world settings and the assets being used.
See if we can walk through getting this working right.

Oh, and you should have no reason to be editing the PrimalGlobals what-so-ever. It’s a core file, not a mod file.

You need the following files:

The 3 Generic Mod Files (Level, Primal and GameData)
The PrimalGameData is only referenced in the MAP’s WORLD SETTINGS you use - Same for GameData.
Now, I was told some time ago by a dev that the PRIMALGAMEDATA and GAMEDATA names need to be present, hard coded. So leave those parts alone - you can rename them to something like: PrimalGameData_(Whatever) but that first part has to be present. SO- I’m told.

The Map I use to cook, and the map I use to TEST are different (for me) I test in the TestMap - which doesn’t load any forced maps, trust me you do NOT want the force load TheIsland IN the editor. (9gb of ram later it MIGHT start).
Even though I myself do not use a forced map setting at all - since I want my mods to be useable by anyone using any map, for testing - force loading is a step.

Let’s start here and see what we got.

It won’t show it loading your specific primalgamedata on the loading screen heads up. This is completely normal. It loads in the default one (Wildcard’s master one) as a “master” primalgamedata. Mod items will not show up on the loading screen.

Also, setting it to “forceload” TheIsland doesn’t actually load it up in the editor. It’s essentially just telling the mod that the map to load it on is TheIsland when using the mod in game. Putting Test map will cause it to try to load the testmap and cause issues.

Can you check to see if the files are actually cooking out into your Output folder located under ModTools in your ADK install folder? If they are not, as CFrankie stated, it could be because of references not being referenced correctly.

First off you want the force map empty. Second what is the crash?

Thank you, I think I got confused when ARK loaded the original PrimalGamedata, but this is a logic explanaition why mods are stackable.

I think I have setup everything correcly now.

CFrankie thank you for the very goo explaination. So your mod level doesnt need to have a Force load map? So if I leave it blank my mod can also be played on modded maps?

One last question, will changing the max stats of the PlayerPawn to very high or clearing the total invertory (not the component but in the settings) chrash ARK when trying to play a this character? Because mine does.

Thank you both for the respond.

Not sure which Dev Kit you have, I’m using 210.1 - and putting TheIsland in the forceload - makes it attempt to load TheIsland in the editor. :slight_smile: It takes FOREVER, but it eventually just shows me dead - with the “choose a place to spawn” and completely underwater. It’s hilarious. Time consuming, but hilarious.

As for you’re question Finntastic: Yeah - I’ve never used a Force Load variable. And it allowed people to use my mods on custom maps. Now recently, I’ve been complaining that the new version of the Dev Kit just makes crashing Mods - but that’s a different story altogether! :slight_smile: Edit: I did find out that the items that are created with the checkmark “AllowBluePrint” (the ability from the engram to turn into a blueprint to be put in the random storage drops) crashes the engine. I just turn it off. But I’m sure there’s a way to get around that.

I’m not sure on the Max Stats, I’ve not messed with the player at all. since he/she is more complete overhaul instead of a simple mod - usually.

Okay, I assume this AllowBlueprints doesnt has anything to do with my chrash whem playing as modded PlayerPawn.

I will try out several things with the player stats, maybe it is caused by that.

Edit: fixed the chrash, I think it was the inventory that caused problems.