Custom Physics Engine

A friend of mine has developed a physics engine that was used for a Formula 1 simulator, as you can imagine we would like to use it in a game, we are currently using Ogre + Bullet (for collision detection). Is it possible to use hook up our custom engine to the UE4 collision detection system?


Have you found an answer yet? I am looking to incorporate Bullet so would like to know. I think it’s going to involve modules, plugins and bundles/packages some way with static and dynamic libraries. There is some info listed on the Code Repository wiki that can help but an expert is needed to answer this.

Hi Skie, Sorry only seeing this now. Nope, haven’t found the answer yet - I have been continuing with Ogre for the mean-time. I was just weighing up the options and seeing what was possible with UE4

I would also like to know if this is possible