Custom Physics Collision

When using physics it seems it uses simple collision for physics this is all well and good for a cube, but bowls is another story, so I am curious as to how to set up a bowl to be a bowl or have you know custom collision.

By the way if you thinking custom collisions it does not work. It for some reason does not register a bowl collision as that with a sphere collision might I add. It just acts as a block.

I guess a proper question is how do you make a bowl collision since my method did not work. I mean the complex collision registers the shape fine. I do not get why the other doesn’t. It is aggravating.

I’m not sure how to explain this… but what if you make the bowl in blender… make it no collision in UE… then make a lot of boxes that has collision and physics in UE that are invisible, shape the bowl and joint em with the bowl?

For some objects the best option could be to use a LOD version of it for collision.

I did the whole make little boxes thing it worked but didn’t due to its shape it would not let things escape proper and it seems the high collision is the only option for an apt bowl shape sadly. Though I sorta got it to work with custom built collision albeit it was very asinine and only worked a certain way so I had to block the player from stepping on it.

However again with the complex collision as simple collision, you cannot use physics on the object at hand. Hence the big issue custom made does nothing hardly right with bowls and simple does nothing but add a box there. I did get the custom one to work but not that great. It still bugs me but it seems that custom collision built externally is just trash, in my opinion, no matter how much you separate each layer etc a bowl shape is nearly impossible to make for physic objects. Unless you want one the player can fall through which leads you to having to block the player from stepping onto it.

Sorry to reply so late been busy with other projects and such.