Custom Pawn Gravity Question

I am not using a class inherited by a character, so my problem is that I would like to trigger some zero gravity sequences where the pawn floats/has a floaty movement. However, decreasing kilograms to 0,001 makes the object fall very fast and there is no gravity scale option. What should I look into to get the desired effect? Currently I am using ‘hacks’ by setting velocity each tick and all but my pawn is physics based so it doesnt work as effeciently.

If you’re not using a PawnMovementComponent (as in, you have SimulatePhysics enabled), then you should be able to use SetEnableGravity on the component with physics.

hey, thanks for the help. However, that wouldnt exactly solve getting a zero gravity scenario. I was aiming for a floaty movement. I ll look into the Pawn Movement Component.

Zero gravity = Zero gravity. If you can expand on what a “floaty movement”, then maybe I could help with that.

so sort of like when i apply an impulse, or similar, the pawn would move / float slowly away depending on the force.

If the component that has zero gravity is simulating physics, then it will have “floaty movement.” However, if movement is driven by a PawnMovementComponent (such as the CharacterMovementComponent), then you’ll need to look into that component’s settings instead.

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this solves it, i dont know why I had the notion in mind that disabling gravity would also disable simulating physics! ;( Thanks for the input, I am a bit confused, is there a PawnMovementComponent or do you mean FloatingPawnMovement (the latter indicating its for floating pawns?)