Custom One Wheeled Vehicle.

I’m hoping that someone much cleverer than me can help me with this problem. I’ve got a one wheeled vehicle that I want to bring into unreal. I’ve looked around and settled upon using 4 wheels that will be hidden and use the actual wheel as just a visual display. That’s where I’m a bit lost, my idea was to link the centre wheel which wont have any collision added to it, to one of the driving wheels and use the driving wheel to animate the centre wheel(I would also need to drive the animation and movement in another axis(z instead of y on the centre wheel only), the pictures should hopefully show what I mean)

Can anyone tell me how I’d go about doing this in blueprints? I’m a noob when it comes to unreal, so I’ll probably have some follow up questions.

I’m at a point where I have the vehicle in unreal with the 4 wheels visible and driveable, I just need a way to drive that centre wheel.
Quick mock up for testing purposes:

Early vehicle design:

Many thanks for anyone who doesn’t mind taking the time to help me.

maybe find the rotation of one of the other wheels and use break rotation - make rotation to drive the pitch axis

Thanks for the pointers it made me think of a few other things. I managed to get the centre wheel driving on my own, turns out it was easier than I thought and I was over thinking it. I looked at the advanced vehicle animation blueprint and used copy bone to take the rotation from there.
Now I just need to look at what you suggested to get change what axis it drives on along with some limitation on the angle, at least I think it makes sense that it would rotate on the z axis rather than the y axis to turn.
Once I’ve done that I need to look into how I go about hiding the 4 wheels( I don’t suppose you got any ideas on that do you?), and adding in the weapons using sockets. I’ve done that on characters before so hopefully its not too much different.

I would drive the animation of the middle wheel entirely through code, rather than try to link it to another wheel. The four hidden wheels to make the vehicle actually work seems like the right approach though!

Thanks, it looks like I will have to look at that now as I managed to hide the 4 wheels by turning them into bones in max, however after doing that I seem to have lost the rotation on the centre wheel and the control of the vehicle seems a little off.

You can following this tutorial step by step:

The central wheel is basically a blueprint class called “VehicleWheel” you can add within the Vehicle Blueprint class

like this in Vehicle Class Component (Wheel Class and Bone Name):


the Wheel Blueprint and the **joint **that you created in Maya or Max to use as axis
**Wheel Class **could be your ‘MyStrangeOneWheel’ instead ‘MyFrontWheel

Yeah I had tried that. For some reason as soon as I add the centre wheel to the vehicle movement BP , it just does not want to move, which is why I was trying to use the front left wheel to drive the centre wheel animation. On a positive side I have got it moving ok now although the centre wheel movement is still driven by the hidden front wheel.