Custom Oculus Quest app, video resolution is pixelated after packaging.

Im beginner with UE4, however i managed to make working application that has simple functions like 5 different videos, when you gaze thumbnails you will get full screen 360 video playback, im facing annoying issue where in packaged project the video files are very pixelated, looks almost like it would be running software instead of hardware acceleration… I found many topics from google that points out that i need change ini files and set “r.MobileContentScaleFactor” to 0, however, i really dont understand why it is not working, i changed every “android” profile in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini file so they have r.MobileContentScaleFactor 0, i dont think it works, how i know what profile UE4 is using when i package to project android ASTC, this is really driving me crazy… :smiley: