Custom Octane Decals for use in Hype Chamber

I have been exploring custom car decals for use in the Hype Chamber template and wanted to share some discoveries. The model I have been using is the Octane. I would provide the Octane model asset; however, I am looking for a new model, as this one’s wheels are set too far out.

I am currently using a very simplified version of the Octane template and editing using Photoshop.

More complex versions are available, but this one has all the main parts visible in the Hype Chamber. The image is a PNG that can be overlaid on a customized layer.

Some recommendations I have are using extremely vibrant colours and placing a logo on both sides and the front if you create them for individual teams. The car models are placed in various positions throughout the sequences, so having a logo on every side will help ensure it is always visible. Furthermore, the colours get dulled down when placed on the model, so vibrant colours will work best.

Once your custom decal is exported, drag and drop it onto the Octane’s pre-existing decal material instance. You can also duplicate the decal material instance and create team-specific details, which can be placed in the team’s data table.

If you find that your custom decal looks too blurry once placed onto the Octane, you can reduce the metallic and fingerprint effects. Finding the best placement for logos and colours may take a few tries.

I am excited to explore other car models and custom decals to use in the Hype Chamber. Sorry for the lack of images; I could only embed one.