Custom Object Type line trace bug?


since i asked in the package section about that problem and no one answered me, i tried to find out more about the problem itself.

If i package my game with a custom object type “item” which is used by a line trace, the line trace reports following problem in the packaged version (in Editor mode its all ok):

[2014.07.25-11.22.26:543][164]LogBlueprintUserMessages:Warning: 35 isn’t valid object type

[2014.07.25-11.22.26:543][164]LogBlueprintUserMessages:Warning: Invalid object types

I changed the object type to a preset (Physicsbody) cause this was unused till now and the error disappeared.
Do i have to do something else than just adding “item” to the collision object channels and set my blueprints to “item” as well as the object types of the line trace?

I’m using the 4.3.0-2215663 (newest?) Version and the normal download of it from the launcher.
Whole game is made in blueprints.