Custom Notification Icon and Custom Dossier

In my current mod, I’m trying to use a custom icon for Client Server Notification and Send Server Notification. Everything works except for my custom icon. I can use any native icon, no issues, but mine simply doesn’t show up. Yes I’m using a texture, and I’ve tried .png and .tga with no success. Am I missing something? The icons work perfectly on the HUD, in the inventory, and in the engram list.

I’m also very interested in making things that look like the dossiers, but I’ve never seen a tutorial on how to do so. I’m interested in of course using the same background and font, as well as including custom pictures.

Thank you.

Resolution ?

Good thinking, but my icons are the standard 256x256. When you hover over the file, all of the displayed settings (as well as the ones in the file) are exactly the same as a working icon.

copy the settings (for the textures) from the ones thats workings, it works me.

Are you using a custom imported .png?

Not sure about the icon issue. Never had an issue with them not showing up with those nodes. Custom image or not it has always worked.
As for the dossier, here is a good template with pretty much everything you need to do it

That’s awesome, thank you!! I’ll have to work on the icon at a later point