Custom non-weapon attachments

Hello, I am having some difficulty with attachments. Not the standard weapon attachments but rather attachments to be tacked on to armor type items. So far I can get the item onto the armor item but I cannot seem to detach it.
I have scoured the variables for both the armor item and for the attachment item and have not been able to find what makes it “detachable”.
The icon for the attachment also does not show up on the corner of the armor item’s icon either (like it does for the default ones).

In practice with the default attachments it looks like the attachment is “Consumed” when dragged onto an item, and recreated when Shift-dragged off the item. But I cannot figure out where the removal behavior is defined that gives the attachment back.

(In case it’s important to know, these attachments are just to alter stat variables for now, such as weight capacity. I’m not going to alter meshes yet)

Does anybody know what the fields are that are necessary for attachment functionality?

If this has to be done manually through the graph, is there a way to set a variable for the item it was used on?

Alright so I think I found a way around my problem only to run into another problem. I’ve decided to just logic my way out of this using the “Custom Data” that apparently dragging the attachment onto the armor creates on the armor itself. Basically I’m just going to use the attachments as a key system, maybe, I have to see what kind of data the “custom data” holds and whether or not it is persistent per type or per item instance or whatever. This brings me to my new problem

Now my problem… the event “Blueprint equipped” doesn’t seem to fire when I equip the armor… have I misunderstood how this event works? It’s part of the graph on the scuba gear so it seems like it should be firing…

When you drag onto an item, say ammo onto a gun, skin onto a hat, it gives an entirely new actor. So you would make your own actor, one for each type of armor type you want to support, say a hat skin, you will need to support all hats, and copy each hat actor over from say, the cowboy hat skin actors. Then you link those in your PrimalItem for when they drag onto those types. Make sure you parent back to original actor you copied from so ARK updates carry through.
One of my scopes with its many weapons that it has to attach too. Remember, this is 1 scope that attaches to 4 weapons.

Linking all actors that I support with my own actors in my PrimalItem. The top set being the original items in PrimalEarth, the 2nd set being my modified actors in my mod folder.

Blueprint Equipped Events require this to be checked. Make sure to remember to use break points to help troubleshoot in the graph.

Thank you, That was an easy fix for the event triggering issue that I should have noticed while looking for other variables.

Unfortunately what I was hoping for has failed. Custom data value remains zero after attempting to attach the item. What you said about the actors was what I originally tried to do… but I cannot seem to find actors for armor or saddles :(. are these new actors necessary for attaching to items that don’t have their own actors to begin with?


I apologize, I’ve only just started working with UE, I’ve probably missed something that should be obvious.

The actor is what actually does the rendering and what not, on the outside to the players/dinos.

As to saddles, tbh, i dont know. You might even be changing out the dino actor. I would look at other saddle skins and see how they handle this.

saddle skins appear to utilize the “Actor class attachment infos” fields rather than than the the ones that the weapon attachments do. I wonder if I can apply data through this method…