Custom non-linear tree viewport

Hellow communiteyy,

I am currently working on a tool to automate some of my work and while I was reminiscing how to most comfortably allow injecting custom logic to individual game assets, I remembered this plugin here (- YouTube) and thought: Hey, having this kind of setup would greatly enhance the experience and productivity :smiley: So: I basically need a way to easily manage directional AND conditional relations (meaning, a relation goes into one direction and is always associated with a condition) between objects.

But I fail to find anything in the UE documentation’s Slate page (Slate UI Framework | Unreal Engine Documentation) that would relate to this. But before I plan any further, I need to at least know whether this approach would meet my requirements.

Can anyone provide useful input on this? I am also open to other suggestions xD I would hate to use datatables or structs, where I painstakingly fit everything together.