Custom New Structure not placing

So i created a duplicate version of mortar and pestle and customized it to work how i want then i go into the PLAY mode of the unreal engine and i craft my structure and i obviously cant place on ground so i cheat in a foundation and try placing on that and it says it fien with green holographic look and then i click left click it then ask me the usual angel so i chose that then left click then nothing happens the sound of placing is played but structures remian in my invetory

Help Please!

Please help , I can’t progress my mod without this working

There is an option in the defaults of your Blueprint which is called something like “consumes primal item”. Make sure to put in your PrimalItem Blueprint there.

Make sure that your item is in the “additional structures to place” array of the PrimalGameData_BP. I would recommend you find one of the many additional structure tutorials and follow them exactly.

I did that and still don’t work

things to check on:
PrimalGameData_BP is referenced in the test map as an override
Your primalitem_BP references the structure to build
The structure BP consumes the primalitem_BP
Your structure BP is referenced as a “structure to place” in the PrimalGameData_BP

that’s what I can remember off the top of my head, I cannot access the ADK to get more specific :frowning:

there is also a checkbox “IsPlaceable” or smth similar to this