Custom Movement


I want to write a custom movement similar to PhysFalling. One of the elements I’d need is the WalkableFloorZ and WalkableFloorAngle. Both of these are private, which means I cant use them in my subclass.

Should I write a Get method, or move it to be protected so my MovementComponent can make use of the value?

Would I need to submit the result as a pull request?

I see Get and Set methods for both WalkableFloorZ and WalkableFloorAngle in UCharacterMovementComponent, is there another place you were looking to expose these?

No, I didn’t realise they existed because I was looking at how the movement code works and it all access the vars directly rather than using the getters and setters. I naively jumped to the assumption that this was because there were no getters + setters.

I can use the ones you’ve pointed out.