Custom Mouse Cursor and In-Game FPS.

I followed a tutorial online on how to add a custom cursor to my game and it works fine but it shows my custom-added mouse that I found online and it shows the original cursor that comes with ue5 i cant take a picture of the overlapping cursors on my screen because if i use snipping till or do win+shift+s it takes my original cursor off the screen so it appears normal but once i go back to ue5 the original and custom cursor are overlapping and I’m not sure how to fix this i added in the level blueprint on event begin play show mouse cursor then linked the player controller and player state so i think i did that right but im not sure what part of it i got wrong to where it still shows the original cursor and my second question was how to set the max fps when playing my game in the viewport normally when im editing my game its 120 fps thats what its capped at when im editing but in my third person project it appears for the fps to be about 30, 45, or 60 i cant tell but how do i uncap it or atleast get it to be capped at 120