custom method for creating a hover style of flight

I’ve created a custom method for a floaty hovering craft form of movement. Where it accelerates and decelerates and tilts when moving on one direction or another.

I’ve cheated by using a camera boom for the character lag relative to the camera and used the offset of this boom to the original position to drive rotation of the body based on distance. So it tilts more as the distance increases and goes back to normal once the character has set.

Overall it works well, but I’ve noticed on enemy characters which are driven by AI it works until they get hit a few times. Seems like it doesn’t always reset the position and odd things happen like the character begins to move away from the player instead of following, and the position of the enemy bot is locked at an angle like the position is somehow stuck away from its origin. So for this reason, I’m wondering if anyone has an idea of how to do this kind of floaty movement that might be a bit more reliable?

I’ve provided the image of the blueprint as is. It includes a setting to turn it off if the player dashes which creates to steep a rotation and looks odd.

Hopefully, someone has some ideas. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: