Custom Mesh not visible. Why?


Today, I looked a bit into custom meshes and before i scream “There is a bug in the PIE system”, I just want to know if I maybe have missed something.
I create a custom mesh in a blueprint, like so:

It shows up pwerfectly in the editor viewports:

However, In the game, its invisible…

So, what is needed for a custom mesh to actually appear in game? :confused:

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


I believe you’re looking at mesh from other side in PIE.
You’re creating one-sided polygons, so you should either assign 2-sided material, or duplicate/flip this polygon with normal that looking in other direction

Hah. :slight_smile: No. Im definitely looking at it from the “right” side. Made sure of that.
I can even circle strafe around the spot, nothing shows up.
That was the first thing I made sure… :rolleyes:

PS: But just to be on the safe side, Ill complete the cube.


So, I made the cube complete. Its still not visible when in PIE:

And guess what happens if I build the lighting:

So Im kind of feeling inclined to submit a bug report afterall…