Custom mesh LOD for Landscape using World Composition

Hi Guys

I have been playing with World Composition and Landscape and have got it all working .
However I have looked at the documentation regarding LOD meshes, and it seems to have incomplete information about importing your own mesh LOD, it’s fine if you have Simplygon but who can afford that…
I have made 2 mesh levels named as name_LOD1 and name_LOD2 I have exported them as .Fbx and placed them into the folder that gets created by engine with the Umaps in it.
I thought the engine was supposed to pick these up and replace the default and allow us to tweak the distance settings but it is not working.
I have also tried importing FBX as a normal static mesh into Content browser, this failed to work as LOD also.
What am I doing wrong?.


When you’re exporting the mesh as FBX have you made sure to enable the export of animations as well? This is required to use the LOD setup.

As far as naming goes it should be similar to this


Alternatively you can manually place the mesh LODs for the base mesh in the editor.

Open the base mesh in the viewer. In the details panel make sure to select the drop down for base LOD and you’ll see the option for import LOD1 and so forth. You can manually do it this way.

If you have any questions or stumbling blocks with this feel free to ask and I will help you out!



Did you change “Num LOD” to 2 in a level details as decribed here?

Rules are that LOD levels should be named as OriginalLevelName_LOD#
and placed beside original level on the disk, so world composition can find them.

Hi Tim
Thanks for the response.
I am not sure I explained myself as best I could have.
I have made a map in world composition, just a test map made up of 4 tiles 2x2 each named by world machine.
I have then made 2 mesh versions of each tile with the same "name_LOD number “as per Docs, I have exported them as default static meshes via .FBX with no animation.
I have imported them into Content browser.
When you open the details to a level I have set it to 2, of course the generate is greyed out as we don’t have a Simpylgon Licence, we only have the Distance field available…
I am unsure of why you sent a screen shot of the static mesh editor, we are trying to add LOD meshes for the Landscape tile not a static mesh?.
I realise the process for importing normal LOD in that but this is for Landscape.
I was under the impression that this landscape LOD was designed to allow for a mesh version of each landscape tile(level) to be visible after it would have normally unloaded.
The problem is where do you import the LOD meshes to? And apart from telling each level in the detail how many LOD meshes there are, is that all we have to do?
As they do not work for me.
I am assuming I have put them in the wrong place in the content browser? Or have exported them from Maya without something, do they have to be set up in Maya a certain way before export?
I have been using UDK since 2006 and teach it at Diploma level, so am aware of normal workflows.

Hopefully this makes it easier to see my mistake.
FYI the LOD meshes in the Content Browser in the second image are numbered , just cut off.

I can open the LOD1 mesh in static mesh editor and add a second LOD mesh to it ,that’s fine.
But I would have thought to do this in the case of Landscape you need to be able to open Landscape tile in here as well , and of course you can’t, its not a static mesh, it’s landscape.
Am I completely misunderstanding the purpose of this feature?

The purpose of levels LOD is to replace one streaming level with another one. It has nothing to do with mesh LOD. And distance streaming does not work in the editor, levels LOD can be seen only in game/PIE.