Custom Mesh Component with Custom Depth

I couldn’t decide if this was more of a rendering or scripting issue, so if this is the wrong place, sorry. I have a character blueprint that is generating a triangle fan inside its tick event and putting the triangles into a Custom Mesh Component in the same blueprint. Under the component settings I have checked render custom depth and unchecked render in main pass.

So basically where I’m at, I know it is generating the proper triangles because they are still rendering in the main pass, for some reason. In addition, I have a post process volume where I show the custom depth buffer. Since the character mesh, which is a skeletal mesh, shows up there I know that the post process effect is working. However, not only is my fan still rendering in the main pass but it is also not rendering custom depth.

I have tried setting these in the BP as well after I’ve set the triangles for the Custom Mesh Component, but it has no effect still. Does anyone have any idea why neither of the settings (render custom depth, and render main pass) are working?