Custom mesh collision for NPC skeleton


I made an npc “machine” where the character should be able to jump on it’s back (see image below)
Unfortunately skeletal meshes does not display the same settings like with a prop for exemple, so I’m not able to change the asset collision. (I want: Simple to complex collision)

The only collision available is the character capsule of the npc, but it’s too round and impossible to modify like I want. The character can go through the npc.

Do you have a solution ?

Hi man,

if you need all the exact mesh collision i think that you can set it to complex , but is trycky have it work perfectly.
If you just need a platform on wich jump and the body,
you can add a couple of invisible meshes and attach them to the socket-joint of your mech.
Set them as you need and maybe you can even leave the mech mesh without collisions

Ok. I just don’t understand why I can’t modify an animated mesh properties like I do with any static mesh.
I’ll probably make invisible platform like you said.

Thanks anyway ^^

You can make other types of primitives in PhAT, refer to the documents: Physics Asset Editor | Unreal Engine Documentation
Here is the first picture from that link, take not of the hand and foot colliders, they are boxes not capsules.

](Physics Asset Editor | Unreal Engine Documentation)

So you can have different shapes for your needs, however, with a hard surface vehicles there is another option.
For the parts that animate, that needs to be skeletal, but the the solid objects that simply follow along, why not separate them so you can use complex collision?
I.e. the main tower of your vehicle can be a separate mesh that is attached to a specific bone of your skeletal model.

You’ve got some options.

Change mesh collision to complex