Custom Map Textures Missing on Dedicated Server - Fine in Singeplayer, Easy Fix??

Big learning curve for sure!

So after fixing the textures everything was looking great on the Dedicated Server, then I realized I did the same wrong duplicating method with my Ground Rocks that you pick up. Fixed those, but now I’m having those weird Query Errors when trying to join the server. Not sure if this is completely new or something different but it’s definitely holding back the completion of the Online version of this map. Next time I’ll test online the whole time >.<

This whole duplicating thing was such a bad idea, don’t do it!!!

The Server Query connecting Error was due to trying to host the outdated Mod Version, best advice I can give when hosting a Mod is to just download the exact copy of the folder from your client machine to your Dedicated Machine

Now a new problem. . . invisible rocks, lol ahhh troubleshooting!

Honestly it sounds like you should be running a total conversion. It would probably save you a lot of headaches.