Custom map issue - bunching at one side of the map?

So I was curious about how I could fix this issue?? I used spacescape to create the sky and then someone else helped me get the final pieces connected together however there is this funny bunching effect at one side of the map that needs problem solving.

I am not sure how to fix this as I am new to map making in general. I am also using Exilogs Tutorial map and it has what looks like an extinction event meteor in the night sky?? I like it and it suits but I don’t want people being wipped by that on this map if thats what it does??

Can anyone help please?? Video included as well as I will upload a picture as to how I place it! Normally putting in the sky it comes up asking if I want to go ahead due to not having two textures or something like that?? I am very new so don’t have a ton of knowledge so help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

I guess if I can’t fix it I will have to make it seem like the map was meant to be that way! Like its being sucked into a vortex or something! Thanks