Custom map creation support - exporting, shared assets, downloading?

I was wondering, what are the current possibilities with custom maps akin to Counter Strike & Unreal Tournament?
If i want to make a game which people can make custom maps for, there’s a few things I need:

  1. Map exporting tool. Does it exist in UE4?
  2. Downloading of maps and assets. when people join a multiplayer game with custom maps, it need to auto download of maps and assets
  3. Shared assets framework - So people won’t download assets again if their used in a map they already downloaded?
  4. Gameplay serialization. how is this handled? is it hardcoded in the map (say .umap) when exporting? do i need to write a gameplay serializer/deserializer?

I’ve found this thread on the UT forum:

But except saying “Sure it’s possible Since 1999 (c)” I can’t find anything on the topic.

Any help?

I published it in the Engine Source sub-forum but i’m pretty sure this is a more appropriate place

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I’d like to know how to do this too. Even if they would manually have to install the map via copy/paste into some maps directory for the game, that would still be better than having to give out your entire project just so they can add the map and compile it themselves.

ATM the people with your game need to download the official Unreal Engine 4 and i think you need to give the game project to the people for use the models & the id and then they compile the maps…

How would sharing work? Are the maps contained in their own folder and you can just share that?