Custom map assets are not cooking

So i have my map, that is fine. The cook finishes and uploads. The issue is that when i load my map on the private server, all assets are missing, to include the ground. So i load in just fine, no issues, but I am looking at the white and grey checkered landscape. I have assets in the “Assets” directory i made, in the mods folder with the map (…\Mods\MyMapFolderImWorkingFrom\Assets) but its not cooking that stuff. Is there something i have to do to get them to package together?

just checked again, even my “bp_waterplane” isnt showing up … wonder if i have to do it as a TC because of all the non-ADK-standard stuff?

found my issue (with help from Q in IRC)
the assets, when i built it, were not in the Mods folder, they were just in …\game\assets folder. So they got ignored.
furthering my question → can i relink ALL the assets from .\game\assets\ to …\game\mods\mymap\assets\ ? I mean, easily, without rebuilding?

You should be able to use the “move” option while dragging it over to your mods folder. That updates all references on its own.

Thanks Mezz, where were you when i needed you in the chat?!
I ended up finding it on Google on just dragging it where you want it, and, then it will update all references … worked lovely.
Thanks for the reply Mezz! (again, for the 100th time helping me haha)