Custom level template for UE5

I try to add new level template for UE5.
I create a level and the thumbnail texture, save them.
I use the thumbnail of the template TimeOfDay as reference for the parameters of the texture.
so my thumbnail asset have the same parameters etc…
And i copy the assets files in the UE5 engine install directory.

The umap.

The thumbnail asset.

And modified the BaseEngine.ini file.

But the new level template doesn’t show up in the dialogue to create new level.

The (CustomTOD) level and his thumbnail are here when showing the engine content.

I can open the level (move, duplicate, copy, etc…) and it seem fine, he content all what he’s supposed to content and do not create any console error.

What i miss or do wrong ?
Any guidance to how to do ?



The custom level show up in the dialogue of new levels only with brand new project.

But, not when opening any existing project.

You should use Project Settings > Maps & Modes > Editor Template Map Overrides

This way you can store this setting per project.