Custom Lens Flare VFX (Alternative method for rendering Lens Flares)

Finishing final update for Custom Lens Flare VFX
Marketplace link: Custom Lens Flare VFX in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace
New features: ▼[UE4] Marketplace - Custom Lens Flare VFX - Overview - YouTube

Any opinions,guys !?

visually it’s good, but you don’t show any occlusion behavior, and it seems they are fully rendered when off-screen.
what happens when it’s behind another object? what happens when it’s off-screen but theoretically behind another object that is also off-screen (and not rendered) ? etc

Ah,in this video you cant see good how occlusioon works,but i made good delay for rendering lens flare.When it’s off-screen then it hides/unhides with small delay (turning off rendering of lens flare in-game )

might as well show it then. same for off-screen occlusion. there’s no explanation whatsoever, no way to tell how it will behave (will occlusion make a hard turn on/off or something faded? does it work on the GPU or with traces?). I have no need for this myself, just giving pointers so what I’d think when I look at it

NEW UPDATE IS COMING ! Will be added new features like : Distance based opacity and bloom (the closer the brighter),improved visibility check (now its not needed in editing Objects types) and downloadable demo .

dont work on mobile android it show ue4 default material

Are these static flares? - or can they be used for things like Sun lightflares too?

Anyone know how to have the asteroids bloack the lens flare? I am using this in sequencer UE4 4.25 build.