Custom launcher question

Hey guys,

I am working on a custom game launcher to use for my game. All it does is basically setting data to a custom “conf.txt” file and starting a new process. Now all I need is my game to read from that file. For example, if the user picks “High” quality and “Fullscreen” mode, I want to use blueprints for the game to start in fullscreen with the “High” setting on, if it is “Medium” in the launcher, it should be “Medium” in game.

All in all, good community and thanks for any help.

So are you asking how would you go about accomplishing this with blueprints?

If it is possible. For example, if the text in a file is “high-fullscreen”, which is set from the launcher, maybe on level entry or something the quality will be high and in fullscreen mode. Maybe by setting the high graphics quality to 1 in blueprints, medium to 0 etc. So if a variable is 0, it should start the game with medium graphics.

Oh its entirely possible, take a peak at the game graphic setting tutorials on the internet, you should find a way to import those values from your controller. I imagine it would be decently easy.

I found one after a quick google search:
Should help you figure things out.


The above optimizing video should be help to you as well.