Custom Launcher for your game

Hi everyone!

i’m working on a launcher able to download any file from anywhere… (yay…)

[FONT=Arial Black]Description

The base program is made by C#, the launcher manifest i’m using as been made by @anonymous_user_e955dac61.

Actually the base of the program is working, you can download the entire game, update it when the server change his Manifest file, remove all the file from the game.
The manifest generator is not provide, i’m sure you can find or make one yourself.

Here some screenshot:


The launcher is looking on the webserver if there is new or if the local file has been change or removed, then it download the changed / new files.

This is the different file you must have in your webserver / ftp or whatever:

LauncherManifest.dat: it contain all related folder/file:md5hash:size of the file in your game.
version.xml: it is use for the self update of the launcher
Launcher.exe: the new exe file for self update.
news.html: the page show on the launcher.
launcher.css: the template.

[FONT=Arial Black]Features

  • Custom web server
  • Custom web font
  • Installation of the game
  • Remove all game file
  • Update game file
  • Repair game file
  • Update the launcher itself

At the moment the launcher is provide with the World of warcraft image, you can change them as your need.

I’ll post update when i could because i’m working too and i can’t work on the Launcher all the time.

Take care and stay tune for futur feature ! :slight_smile:

New edit:
I’ll make a video to explain how to install to build etc later.
Github link:

This is not perfect, there is still some issus.
This is my first project in C# so don’t blame me :slight_smile: !

Cheers !

It looks good man!

Custom Launchers are always appreciated!

I package my game very often to test the behavior in standalone vs PIE. Because it is multiplayer I often have to package it > 7Zip compress it > Upload to GoogleDrive > Friend unzips and then opens .exe

I imagine others do this as well and when a project gets bigger this becomes a longer task. This tool will surely help a lot with that! Is there much set up the end user has to do to get this working?

Is this to be a free tool?

That looks nice, but how long i have to dig into, to understand/use it?
No C++ knowledge here.
Kind regards Bauch

Cool, will you share with others? :smiley:

looks very promising , keep up the good work

Any c++ requierement, you simply have to set your ip in the config.ini like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Patch_IP></Patch_IP> // path of your launcher manifest
	<LauncherUrl></LauncherUrl> // path of your html design

But if you want to change the code you’ll have to learn a bit of c++ ^^.

At the moment i need to improve it because i still got crash, and i have to make the code more “beautiful” because i made it quickly for my need.

Don’t know yet, it’s possible :).

i hope it will be free, i already worked on exact c++ project like this in Infestation: Survivor Stories game but i still learning to migrate my files to UE4

Oh ? the game i got random ban ? :slight_smile:

But maybe i’ll make it free and put a button for donation or i really don’t know yet, i made some update, the launcher doesn’t crash anymore on the remove -> repair -> remove -> intall.

well, even my brother got banned when they kicked the team of company :3
anyway i hope you do so.

Quick update,

Change download system, now it’s threaded, it fix the freeze UI, need to clear the code because it’s… hum… ^^.

all related materials, logos, and images are copyright © Blizzard Entertainment. <— just in case

any progress yet after the last pic ?

when will u relase it and will it be free im rly exited for this

when will u realse it ?

I am also very interested in this, any new info?

Back ! sorry got some health trouble and work trouble…

Some update:

Completly rewritten, change QT to c#, more flexibility.
The background is a webbrowser with a html / css style to let you able to do anything you want.
Only top and bottom are c# UI.

Launcher install / uninstall and repair the game.


The css / html news system is bad because i don’t know html / css but with some knowledge you can fit it perfectly.

Current file:

LauncherManifest.dat: it contain all related folder/file:md5hash:size of the file in your game.
version.xml: it is use for the self update of the launcher
Launcher.exe: the new exe file for self udpate.

that’s all if you don’t need any web design.

if you need one you’ll also need those file:

news.html: the page show.
launcher.css: the template.

all related materials, logos, and images are copyright © Blizzard Entertainment it is only for testing.

Hi there,

Is it possible to intergrate a login forms in here?


I forked the project and added a async/resumable download feature

I’m a noob in c++ and got stuck, i customized the server adress to mine and…yes that’s it. I don’t have a clue how to set that up, how to use the Manifest Tool and so on… Is there somebody how can help me ? I’ve an test Project,made with UE4.21 and an patch version, so i like to upload the .pak file to my server to use it with that launcher…