Custom KeyBinding doesn't work

…I probably just overlooked something small, but at the moment I can’t find the error. My biggest problem is that i can’t really find any usable tutorials or reference for “Inputaxiskeymapping”.

Well so i made a custom Axis mapping in my project input settings called “MoveForward”. Working flawlessly.


Then i made a widget to set a new key for move forward. When saved it calls a function i called “SetKeyBindings”.

Problem is it simply doesn’t work. It always keeps “W” as the “MoveForward” binding. I debugged “MoveForwardKeySelected” and it correctly returns the new key i have set (for example “N”). but the function does nothing, when i press “N” nothing happens.

Any ideas or comments?

What does the warning say ??

I have never attempted this myself so not sure but I think it is not possible with bp only by exposing c++ to bp. Unless they have changed it in newer engine versions

This might help How to get a key binding in blueprint? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is recent and I think he give the project to download
So you can see how he does it

Well but the nodes look exactly like they are for biding keys, right? Or are they kinda “fake” or “dummy”?

The warnings don’t make sense either.

“Warning AxisName - the native property is not tagged as BlueprintReadWrite, the pin will be removed in a future release.” it says that for all 3 pins, so no idea.

I am just puzzled why Epic does the whole round to put an abstraction layer (Axis mappings) around controls to make them “easier to map” when they don’t mapping them… -.-

I am aware that you can do that with C++ or a plugin, but i dislike both of these - so for now i guess imma leave out the key remapping feature. Kinda shame since pretty much all games come with a key remapping feature, it’s not something totally unreasonable…